GE Microwave Service and Repair

GE microwaves are recognized for their precision and build quality. With a legacy in home appliances, GE focuses on creating microwaves that offer precise cooking controls and advanced features like inverter technology, which provides even heating and efficient energy usage. Many GE models also feature built-in sensors that automatically adjust time and power settings based on the moisture content of the food, ensuring perfect results every time. GE’s commitment to quality and precision makes their microwaves a favored option for home chefs who demand accuracy and sophisticated functionality.

Common problems with GE microwaves:

1. Sparking Inside Cavity – There are occasional reports of sparks inside the microwave cavity during use.

2. Power Fluctuations – The microwave sometimes experiences sudden drops in power output.

3. Door Seal Deterioration – The door seal can wear out, leading to efficiency losses.

4. Magnetron Failures – The magnetron, which generates the microwaves, is prone to early failure.