LG Dishwasher Service and Repair

LG Dishwashers: Innovative Cleaning Technologies

LG dishwashers are known for their advanced technological features and efficient cleaning capabilities. They typically come equipped with QuadWash technology, which uses four spray arms instead of the standard two, ensuring thorough cleaning from multiple angles. The EasyRack Plus system also allows users to adjust the racks for flexible loading. Additionally, LG’s smart functionality integrates with mobile apps for remote monitoring and control.

Most common issues with LG dishwashers:

1. Drainage Issues: Often, LG dishwashers encounter difficulties in effectively draining water, leading to puddles of water left after cycles.

2. Error Codes: Users frequently report specific error codes, like “OE” for drainage faults or “IE” for water inlet problems.

3. Rack Problems: The dishwasher racks may start to deteriorate or become difficult to slide in and out over time.

4. Noisy Operation: Some models tend to become unusually loud during the wash cycle, indicating motor or bearing issues.