General Electric Dishwsher Service and Repair

GE Dishwashers: Sophisticated and Customizable

General Electric (GE) dishwashers stand out for their customizable features and sophisticated design. They offer a variety of innovative options such as the Bottle Jets technology for cleaning hard-to-reach areas in items like tall sports bottles. GE also integrates steam prewash options, which help eliminate the need for pre-rinsing, saving time and water.

List of common issues with GE dishwashers:

1. Unsatisfactory Cleaning Results: Dishes often remain dirty or spotted, particularly in hard water areas.

2. Soap Dispenser Malfunctions: The soap dispenser may not open during the cycle, restricting detergent use.

3. Humming Sounds: Persistent humming sounds can indicate a stuck pump or a failing motor.

4. Door Seal Deterioration: The door seal can wear out, leading to leaks during operation.